Dan Otero

Dan Otero founded Globe Star Media n Entertainment in 2002. As a former television station and recording industry executive, Dan saw the recording industry was falling short in effectively placing multicultural advertising. "I realized that the person placing the media for Tony Bennett was also placing the media for urban artists like P Diddy and Hispanic artists like Mana. In addition, we also identified that all of the major labels were using one vender for their television advertising," Dan explains. Dan used this information to form a relationship with corporate media buying company Newmark Communications in Los Angeles, California. He found that not only could he find more effective placements for multicultural media, but that he could do it at significantly lower prices. When Dan wanted to grow the his services he recruited a group of talented television, radio, and marketing executives that now form Globe Star Media n Entertainment.

Originally founded to assist record labels and retailers, today GSM is a full-service multicultural marketing and advertising agency assisting companies and government agencies of all sizes with their multicultural outreach. With the burgeoning growth of the Hispanic population, campaigns targeting Hispanic consumers make up more than 60% of GSM's business. GSM also consults over 20 Hispanic media companies in 16 markets.